Name: Penny Gardner

Occupation: PhD student/Researcher IUCN AWCSG Species Coordinator for Banteng

Institute/Affiliation: University of Cardiff

Research and work topics: Behaviour, and phylogeography of banteng in Sabah Conservation of banteng in Sabah

Asian wild cattle species of expertise: Banteng

Asian wild cattle countries of expertise: Malaysia

Most unusual or exciting thing I have experienced during fieldwork is: Driving back through the forest after a long hard day surveying in the forest, my team of 10 local field assistants suddenly start banging on the truck and yelling at the top of their voices. I glanced up in my rear-view mirror only to see a large angry female elephant rapidly advancing through the forest towards the back of the truck where all the team where stood! My somewhat hasty acceleration sent everyone lurching out the back of the truck towards the elephant. Thankfully everyone managed to keep a tight hole, and about 100m down the road and safely out the way of the elephant the team collapsed into fits of laughter and breathed a big sigh of relief!

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