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Captive Anoa, Port Lympne, UK, 2013 (Aspinall Foundation)

Lowland anoa
(Bubalus depressicornis)
Mountain anoa
(Bubalus quarlesi)

Behaviour and ecology

To date there is still much unknown regarding the ecology of both Lowland and Mountain anoas.2 They do wallow and bathe in water and mud pools, and it is likely that they need mineral springs or licks. However in some reports anoa have been found to drink seawater, which could mean this would provide minerals in areas lacking licks or springs.8

Both species are solitary with the exception of pairs when breeding.1 The lowland anoa is a browser which predominantly feeds on morning leaves, fruits ferns, saplings and twigs.1,3,11 The mountain anoa’s dietary habitats are less well known but leaves, mosses and a few grasses are assumed to compose the majority of its diet.1

Additional Information

Lowland anoa:

Mountain anoa: