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Captive Anoa, Aspinall Foundation, Port Lympne, UK, 2009 (Aspinall Foundation)

Lowland anoa
(Bubalus depressicornis)
Mountain anoa
(Bubalus quarlesi)


Lowland anoa: One of the smallest wild cattle species, it has a thick neck, plump body and short legs.1 They are ark brown to black, with a pale throat bib and facial and leg patches.1They weigh 150–300kg, are 1.6–1.7m long and have tails that are 18–31cm in length. They have horns that move backwards diagonally, an adaptation to allow easy movement through thick vegetation and are 18–38cm long.

Mountain anoa: Appearance very similar to the lowland species but typically has a woollier coat.1 They have the same colouration as the lowland anoa but with generally fewer white markings particularly around the lower legs.1 They weigh 150-300kg, are 1.5m1 long and have tails that are 24cm in length. Their horns have a smooth surface and are 15–20cm long.

Life history

Longevity: In captivity approximately 20 to 30 years,5 although this is likely to be less in the wild.8

Sexual maturity and gestation: In captive situations sexual maturity occurs between the ages of 2–3 years.5 The gestation period is approximately 9–10 months,1 with typically just 1 offspring born.5